Carefully choosing projects that have a positive impact on their surroundings and, by extension, on the people who live there.

About terra

Pushing beyond what has gone before

About Terra
Terra is an award-winning, South Florida-based real estate development company founded by David Martin & Pedro Martin, known for projects which have a positive impact on their surroundings and, by extension, on the people who live there. Our mission is to serve as an inspirational leader in helping cities and neighborhoods pursue and realize their full potential by creating new, innovative opportunities for people to live and work in a dynamic, ever-growing urban and suburban landscape.
About Terra

Our history

20+ years of excellence

Since launching the firm in 2001, Terra has played a pivotal role in bringing new prosperity to existing and emerging communities. By viewing each project as a unique development opportunity, we have created tailor-made, purpose-built properties that have successfully served as catalysts for their given areas and inspired future growth. To date, the firm has amassed a portfolio of more than five million square feet of residential and commercial real estate valued in excess of $8 billion across all major real estate asset classes, including multifamily apartments, luxury condominiums, single-family residences, retail and office space, hospitality, and industrial. 

At our core is a dedication to multidisciplinary collaboration, which brings the world’s leading architects, designers, planners, engineers, and builders together to yield uncommon results. It is through this approach that the firm has repeatedly earned international acclaim for design excellence, resiliency, sustainable development, economic growth, and positive transformation for the entire South Florida region.

Terra has played a pivotal role in bringing new prosperity to existing and emerging communities




Our culture

Civic and Cultural perspectives

Progressive, open-minded, and transparent, Terra believes that sustainable, design-driven communities have the power to bring people together. More than that, we see value in engaging with the local landscape through philanthropy, collaboration, responsible development, and giving back to the people and places where our properties are located. By connecting to our community through service, volunteering, board memberships, fundraisers, sponsorships, donations, and civic initiatives, we are better informed when it comes to delivering projects that provide the greatest benefit to all those who will interact with our work.

Terra is proud to maintain a variety of community connections throughout South Florida, historically serving as part of charitable, civic, arts and cultural organizations such as the Miami Children’s Health Foundation, benefitting Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, the Freedom Tower, The Underline, Vizcaya Museums and Gardens, YoungArts Foundation, The Bass Museum, and Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM).

This commitment to community is underscored by Terra’s historic role in charitable, civic, arts and cultural organizations

Our Values

Less is more

Terra prioritizes scale and density over profit and embraces the philosophy that less is more, always looking at ways to further the enhancement of both public and private space. Even when projects are zoned and approved for much larger-scale development, Terra considers the impact a maximum-sized property will have on the surrounding area. When it threatens to overshadow or negatively augment the neighborhood atmosphere, we prefer to follow a right-sized approach which may mean lower density, a smaller footprint, or more preservation of existing green space and natural resources, rather than pursuing the highest-possible profit. The decision to do so allows for progress that is balanced against the goal of strengthening, rather than replacing neighborhoods. 

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