Our mission is to transform neighborhoods and the way we live through considered, intelligent and unexpected design.

Community Impact

Transforming Neighborhoods

Grove at Grand Bay buildings
For Terra, transformation is not simply change for change’s sake. It is the thoughtful evolution of a place to help it reach future goals more efficiently and more sustainably, so that progress becomes part of the ongoing neighborhood dynamic.
Grove at Grand Bay buildings
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The Terra Mission



Create better. Continue pushing beyond what has gone before.


Transform neighborhoods and the way we live through considered, intelligent and unexpected design.


Serve as an inspirational leader in helping cities and neighborhoods pursue and realize their full potential.



At Terra, we value partnerships with recognized creators, innovators, and thought leaders in their respective fields. We work to cultivate relationships with professionals and up-and-coming talent across a variety of disciplines. Through collaboration, our projects benefit from fresh ideas, the latest developments in technology and sustainability, new perspectives in space and lifestyle, and cutting-edge concepts in architecture and design. Our work with a variety of different visionaries has served to bring diversity to our portfolio, lending each property its own unique position in the marketplace.

When it comes to assembling a team of visionaries, Terra seeks experts with insight and influence from multiple industries. Throughout our firm’s history, this has meant working with some of the greatest and most inspiring minds in architecture, design, space planning, community building, landscape design, and urbanism, as well as key figures in economic development, fashion, commerce, hospitality, entertainment, lifestyle experience, and beyond. With each new relationship, we aim to add more dimension and further raise the bar on how Terra developments positively impact their surroundings.

“Our vision for Mr. C arises from the belief that “the good life” is a timeless ideal.”

Ignazio & Maggio Cipriani
on Mr. C Residences

“We took cues from Italy’s iconic coastal style and mixed it with an Italian mid-century aesthetic.”

Will Meyer and Gray Davis
on Mr. C Residences

“We took inspiration from formal Italian and French gardens and then created a conceptual bridge to our tropical setting.”

Laurinda H. Spear
ArquitectonicaGEO on Mr. C Residences

“Miami is a collection of neighborhoods and each one has its own cultural identity.”

Jaqueline Touzet
Touzet Studio

“It is through improvisation and adaptation to unanticipated obstacles that we make our big breakthroughs.”

Bjarke Ingels
for Grove at Grand Bay

“By employing a minimalist vocabulary of modern forms, we let the tropical climate and landscape – and the lifestyle they have engendered – come to the foreground, with our buildings as a framework for the rituals of daily life.”

Roney J. Mateu
FAIA for Botaniko Weston
Park Grove Lobby
Building Arch

Our Process

Design + Architecture

Where other development firms think of design and architecture as separate tasks, Terra believes these two principles are intrinsically linked to one another. We begin every project by coming to a consensus over what the ambience, mood, artistry, and the character of the destination, and then we engage the right people in bringing that vision to life. When executed to its fullest potential, the expression is seamless, uniting built structures with landscape, art, furnishings, amenity experiences, and even elements of nature like sunlight, the waterfront, or the breeze.  

The cohesive bond between form and function has become a recognizable trademark of Terra properties and has served to deepen the connection between people and the properties we build. In seeing design + architecture as a cooperative conversation, we have been able to reimagine what is possible for both individual disciplines.  

Terra’s goal is always to enhance the built environment through innovative design and intelligent planning.

Conscious design


As the demand for real estate continues to outpace the speed of development, we are constantly aware that the materials and resources present today must also be present for the properties of tomorrow. Likewise, the vital component of “location, location, location,” must always be preserved if development is to continue to deliver value to property owners. It is for these reasons that Terra actively pursues sustainability measures in every project we undertake. 

We respect that our work impacts communities. It is up to us to ensure that impact is positive by incorporating technologies that minimize waste, promote the preservation and growth of natural ecosystems, improve community access to green spaces, encourage responsible use of energy and water, and ensure resilience against climate change and other environmental issues our society faces. Terra accepts these challenges with confidence and is proud to set new benchmarks in green building, LEED and WELL certification, and other recognized industry standards in sustainability. 

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