Financial Analyst


• Manage creation of investment memos, pitch books, etc. for fundraising.
• Manage creation of detailed cash flow projections, waterfalls and sensitivity analyses of sales, leasing, design, construction, capitalization, etc. and their effects on project profitability.
• Manage the updates of financial models to ensure project is adhering to business plan and on budget
• Manage review of accounting pro formas
• Manage creation of materials used for investor presentations, proposals, RFP’s, and Offering Memorandums
• Coordinate drafting and editing of Investment Memos and Letters of Intent.
• Manage research and reporting on latest market trends, both micro and macro, as it relates to the Company’s projects and investments.
• Manage updates of regular internal progress reports for management on multiple projects.
• Manage the preparation of investor and lender reporting.
• Manage deal team (both development and accounting) in the creation and updating of detailed financial analyses.
• Coordinate/Manage transition of acquisition financial model into development model for accounting/development to own and control.
• Manage creation and review of OMs with capital markets advisors, and drive them to market the deal to debt and equity firms.
• Coordinating working relationships with outside counsel, mortgage brokers, realty advisors, subcontractors, sales teams, property managers, etc.
• Manage preparation of relevant materials for quarterly partner meetings.
• Manage production and reporting as required by Loan Agreements and ad hoc as requested by investors.
• Manage/coordinate production of managerial reporting as required by Operating Agreements and ad hoc as requested by investors.
• Coordinate sourcing new real estate deals, developing financial underwriting, performing due diligence, structuring joint ventures, and procuring leveraged financing.
• Other responsibilities may be assigned.
To submit your resume for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to: INFO@TERRAGROUP.COM, and use the subject line: FINANCIAL ANALYST