Renzo Piano Architect

Renzo Piano was born in Genoa, a port city to the north of Italy, Renzo Piano grew up with the sea in his blood and the crystalline light in his eyes. It’s little wonder he felt at home in Miami. Here, he found a bustling, livable city, where the people have a direct connection to the ocean; a city that spoke to his love of lightness and his search for clarity. In his audacious Centre George Pompidou or the Shard in London or the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, Piano finds the balance between light and shade, between simplicity and complexity; his seemingly unbound creativity offset by the technical exactitude that comes from an upbringing in a family of builders.

Eighty Seven Park is being designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop. A unique development in Miami Beach, it borders the Atlantic Ocean, and spatially incorporates the North Shore Park. The villa-like conceived residences, compose 16 vertical decks, which gently hover above the park. The building gracefully blends the interior and exterior spaces through its very light ground floor footprint, and with its units’ spacious cantilevered balconies. This is the first residential project in the United States for master architect Renzo Piano, and together with award winning Dutch landscape architects West 8, Eighty Seven Park represents in Miami an innovative approach to the relationship between the building and the city’s natural surroundings.