Colin Cowie

Born in Zambia and raised in South Africa, is an international design star that has created numerous events of the year, including a party for Barbie’s 50th birthday. His clients include Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey and several royals. He is based in New York City, and makes frequent appearances on the “Today” show, but bounces around the globe like an energetic ping pong ball. He has been coming to Miami for a decade. “I love the Latin culture, the people,” he says. “It’s a fun city, the Manhattan of the Caribbean.”

Park Grove is Cowie’s first time designing a lifestyle for a condo, supplying the accents that make a building special: “Everything down to the color of the buttons on the valets,” he says. “The fragrance. The thread count of the towels at the pool. The programmable music. What you smell, touch, taste from the time you arrive until you leave.”