Ruben and Isabel Toledo

Prolific illustrator Ruben Toledo first arrived in the United States in 1967 to Miami, like so many of fellow Cubans. Isabel, his wife also originally from Cuba, is a fashion designer. “I learned everything I know about the cross pollination of fashion and art from Isabel,” offers Ruben, “Her sensitivity and vision always inspires me to think longer, feel deeper, and try more intensely to reach new places.”

Toledo has teamed up with David Martin to lend his figurative hand to the aesthetics of his new OMA/Rem Koolhaas-designed development Park Grove, which will sit on the bay and include three residential towers, a state-of-the-art amenity center and the Coconut Grove Bank building. “We are lucky to know and be surrounded by places that seem to have a special magnet that attracts like minded people to it,” Toledo reflects. “Manhattan is one such place. Coconut Grove casts a similar powerful spell.”