Raymond Jungles Landscape Architect

During his time at the University of Florida, Raymond’s vision was awakened by the work of Brazilian landscape architect, Roberto Burle Marx. And while Marx went on to become Raymond’s friend and mentor, RJI have continued to push the boundaries of landscape design, creating timeless, inspirational places that bring us all closer to the natural world. By posing the question “What should it be?” rather than “What could it be?” Raymond exploits (and capitalizes on) the sculptural potential of nature, allowing his elements to define spaces through their innate shapes and forms. In other words, he gives nature a platform to surprise and inspire us.

Jungles has collaborated in various projects done by Terra. Among them the recently finished Glass in Miami Beach, Grove at Grand Bay in Coconut Grove, and now upcoming Light House. His experience and talent in using native plants, and applying them in a coordinated vision with the architect, brings the buildings to full life. Using the traditional Coconut Grove backdrop as inspiration, Jungles has been able to create the connection between the old and the new.