William Sofield

One of the most discerning design talents of his generation, interior designer William Sofield abides by the mantra: “Design must live as well as it looks.” In his work, he draws on historic precedent for inspiration but adheres to Modernist principles, always striking a careful balance between aesthetic impact and everyday comfort. Founded in 1996, Studio Sofield is an interdisciplinary firm whose 25 designers specialize in architecture, engineering, and industrial, interior, graphic, and landscape design.

At Park Grove, Sofield has crafted breathtaking kitchens and bathrooms that perfectly complement OMA’s striking towers. In the residences, Sofield’s unique vision comes through via design details like fine Italian cabinetry and sophisticated stone countertops, but he also lets the impressive natural context speak for itself. Here, interiors are designed to frame sweeping sea views, taking full advantage of outdoor space and glass walls to maximize light and air. Sofield’s bright, uncluttered common spaces are clean and breezy. A natural color palette – light woods, white walls – creates a sense of ease and lightness that exemplifies the Park Grove lifestyle.