March 10, 2017
PROFILE Exclusive: Transforming Coconut Grove with David Martin of Terra
PROFILE Exclusive: Transforming Coconut Grove with David Martin of Terra

PROFILEmiami had the exclusive opportunity to sit down with David Martin, one of the founders of Terra and the mastermind behind Park Grove and Grove at Grand Bay. Find out how he is helping transform Coconut Grove into one of Miami’s hottest neighborhoods. 

PM: You guys have been integral in transforming Coconut Grove. What do you think of the recent new developments in Coconut Grove and the new energy they have brought?

DM: I think it is about time. I think that the world and the city is realizing a lot of the amazing assets thats Coconut Grove has. It has amazing parks, amazing schools, amazing people. Geographically it is strategically located to a lot of different other neighborhoods as well. Now with the Grove at Grand Bay project that we did, it was big, and now Park Grove with Related, I think that this is developing into a neighborhood with new architecture as well as with some of the old Florida architecture as well. It has a good diversity and design and I think that there is a lot of new restaurants that are coming and a lot of new retail. Coconut Grove is a neighborhood that has a lot of components but it is very quite and peaceful. That quiet innocence is what people are looking for to raise their families, or spend time with their families. A lot of our buyers are empty nesters so they’re looking for urbanism and walkability so that tree canopy here and walkability is very important as well. 

PM: How did the concept for Park Grove and the partnership between Terra & Related Group come about? 

DM: My father (Pedro Martin) and Jorge (Perez) have been very good friends for many years and I have always respected a lot of Related’s team so we decided to do this together and we are working to see how we can get the best out of each organization and really put it in place here in Coconut Grove. We are very excited and happy with the partnership. We were both going after the same site and we decided to do it together. 

PM: Coconut Grove has seen some great towers be built in recent years. You guys built Grove at Grand Bay next door, what sets Park Grove apart from these other developments? What makes it so unique?

DM: Grove at Grand Bay is 3 acres, this one (Park Grove) is over 5 acres. Park Grove is a little more connected to the retail district and village. The amount of amenities in Park Grove is a significant number so those are some of the unique things. Also the residences, Park Grove’s columns  are on the exterior of the building while the columns at Grove at Grand Bay are in the interior of the residences. 

PM: What is the best feature that residents will enjoy?

DM: Two things, the ceiling heights are pretty significant. Were talking about 12 feet which is an important component. Most of the comparable buildings are 9 or 10 feet. The views and the design of this building is very intellectual and very “amenitized” so I think residents are going to see a lot of see a lot of services here that is unique to other buildings.

PM: What will Park Grove mean to Coconut Grove and Miami in the short & long term?

DM: I think that there is a few things. This development will bring over 200 families to come live and be part of Coconut Grove’s urban life. Also the tax revenue from this development is going to create a good financial engine for the city to create projects that will improve people’s lives. 

PM: Where do you see Coconut Grove’s place in Miami in the next 5 to 10 years?

DM: What is interesting about Coconut Grove is that it has very restrictive zoning so I don’t see many opportunities. I think that this (Park Grove) is one of the last sites left to really build something of significant scale so most of the Grove is either single family residential or T-5 in the urban district which is 5 stories so overall I think that this is going to be a unique project for many years. 

About David Martin & Terra:

Terra is an integrated development firm in South Florida focused on creating sustainable, design-oriented communities that enhance neighborhoods and bring people together. Founded in 2001 by father and son Pedro and David Martin, who have played a significant role in the transformation of South Florida. Terra’s portfolio includes luxury high-rises, single family homes, townhouses, retail shopping centers, office space and multifamily apartments, both in urban and suburban areas. Each development is a strategic investment in the region, with the impact on individual communities always carefully considered. Terra has had a recent push in Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, Doral and Weston. Terra has recently developed two new luxury condos that are helping revitalize Coconut Grove, the Bjarke Ingels-designed Grove at Grand Bay and the Rem Koolhaas-designed Park Grove. Terra also developed Glass, a 10-unit condo designed by Rene Gonzalez, in Miami Beach’s South-of-Fifth neighborhood. Terra is currently working on Eighty Seven Park, a 70-unit beachfront condo designed by Renzo Piano in addition to other projects. 

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