Glass is Complete!

December 19, 2015

We are proud to announce the on-time completion of Glass, in the South of Fifth district in Miami Beach, for which closings are in progress. The project was designed by renowned Miami architect Rene Gonzalez, with landscape design by Raymond Jungles. The sold-out building was recently awarded its TCO, so owners can make plans to move in.

The building against the ocean backdrop of Miami Beach, aspires to be a disappearing act towards the sky. The impression is played using a profusion of fritted glass enveloping the façade. It is a type of varying patterned glass, that helps give the illusion of a progressive dissolution of the materiality of the building. The impact of the construction was minimized by having the shape react to its built surroundings, instead of procuring an imposing presence.

The building has had its official social debut with a Gala kickoff event, this is a defining landmark addition to Miami Beach, proudly offered by Terra!