Opening Lecture at Info Pavilion

December 11, 2015

Last November 19th, Eighty Seven Park had its debut event at the new Information Pavilion, a space created to experience the lifestyle proposed by this building in its privileged location. Terra welcomed a selected group of brokers, and David Martin introduced landscape architect Daniel Vasini of West 8 to the present guests.

Vasini lectured passionately through the premises of the design that so perfectly integrates the architecture of Master Architect Renzo Piano, of RPBW and the new landscaped park. A park that will combine such spaces as a Seagrape Cove with wonderfully sculptural branches, a play lawn, an exploratory park and even a designated area for dogs. A unique park that will face the beach shore with a gradient of tree shades and sea tolerant botany. This luscious park will seamlessly transverse Eighty Seven park, blending into a green-house type ground floor, a play with bodies of water, forming a unique integrated continuum of the built with the unbuilt space.

At the event elements such as white orchids, surf boards, fine natural candle fragrances and signature drink combined with flavors of Italy, invoked references related to amenities which will be offered at this development such as Concierge & Butler Service, Enoteca, Library and Soul Center Spa.